25 Sep 2012

Find Wallpaper Images Competition!

Win A Worm!

I have created 4 illustrations around the subject of Worm, my hand made toy.
"I worked hard to emulate different styles in each wallpaper. Seek them out for their own sake and if you're quick, win a Worm."

You will find 4 different illustrations on 4 different websites. (Hint: They are all closely related to Box-Bods and toy collectibles).
Here's 4 clues for the 4 sites;

1. "Box-Bod" "Blogs" it. (Wait on, that's this one!)
Worm is cut up. Inspired by Jason Freenie.

2. Some times your "bots" are in "bits" but you'll see what you're looking for at the bottom of the page.
3. BoxBods opens the "book" and "face" it. I hope you LIKE it.
4. It's good to "Flick" thRough pictures. (include this; /photos/realityornothing/)

Come on, can I make it any easier?

When you find all 4 different wallpaper illustrations, simply email the 4 web addresses you found them on to; hinterland@btinternet.com
The 3 quickest will each win a Worm.

Good luck!

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