2 Apr 2012

Third Box-Bod And First Bod On Sale, Meet Worm.

Worm was the first concept I had for a Box-Bod, but for one reason and another was the third one to march off the factory floor. Well when I say factory floor, what I mean is my living room table.
Bitbots.co.uk presents Worm, a Box-Bod origional by Philip Hunt.
I have made a very limited number in partnership with bitbots.co.uk and you'll be able to find them on sale at the bitbots site very soon, bitbots shop here.

Worm is made entirely by hand, sculpted in air drying clay then painted with acrylic. Even the box was folded and coloured by my own hands. 

So when you buy a Worm, remember, there may be many like it but your Worm is uniquely YOURS.

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