6 Apr 2012

Worm, In An Apple Head, On A Body, In A Box!

On reflection of the numerous posts about Worm popping up on the internet, I realise there is scant visual reference to the box itself. This post hopes to rectify that.

When I was designing the Bods, I wanted to frame them somehow. My solution was to create a box that was integral to the display of the figure. This also helped me arrive at the name Box-Bods.

So here's a picture of Worm in his natural environment.

Worm-in-the-box early prototype
Each box is numbered 1-25 and has my signature on the back. The box has 4 windows to view the figure from each angle. You can see the box net here on my "about" page. This is an early iteration of the box.

As each Worm is hand made, they have slight differences from each other. As I mix my own paint from the primary colours, I was careful that the tones were consistent. When sculpting, however, I allowed each Worm to develop it's own character, the sculpting was done by hand and not from a mould or cast.

When painting the clay figures I adapted the design, to the nuance of each shape, in the hope that each Worm has it's own charm.

The figure is secured to the base of the box with a 1cm screw that locks it firmly onto the card.

Okay, description deficit rectified.

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