27 Nov 2011

Box-Bods development

Allow me to recap.

Somehow I got interested in making collectible figurines, I wanted to make something cool.

Having read a few web articles and buying a DIY vinyl figure I thought it would be good to make my own figures with air drying clay.

I bought acrylic paints and taught myself how to use them on the clay sculptures I was making.

After a few experiments making different shapes and painting them it was now time to get serious. I want to make something people want to buy. (Phew I said it, that wasn't so bad).

I started doodling some simple shapes that would be flexible enough to adopt different painting schemes.

At the same time I was thinking of a brand name, and how to package and market the figures.

Then it came to me, perhaps the box can be part of the thing in itself. Like a plinth is to an artists sculpture. A frame or even a white gallery is to a painting.

Context lends the artwork or design it's importance, its significance.

The box was it, the box was the frame, a 3D frame.

Box development for Box-Bods

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