9 Nov 2011

How to Make your Own Figures - The Paints

After making some figures from Jovi air drying clay I went out and bought some paints to paint them with.

I decided to buy acrylic paint as this would adhere to most surfaces and seems to be the paint of choice for a lot of custom figure artists.

Acrylics, Red, Blue and Yellow and Gesso. Oh Black and White too.
I also decided to buy some gesso, this is an undercoat primer for canvas painters, but it's also good for clay and plaster. I recommend it, as it gave a great undercoat for the acrylics to adhere to.

Then it was the hard work of finding inspiration for a 'look' to paint my figures with.

I must admit there was no grand scheme at this point and I was just playing around and seeing what happened.

As I developed my process, however, I now doodle out a concept and work out a colour scheme first. I recommend doing this as it will save time in the long run and you will produce better results.

For my planning I use either; pens and felt tips on paper, or my computer. I then mix my paints and start painting.

Top Tip! Don't be a slave to your plan. Sometimes it's good to go with the flow, as long as you know the direction.

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