5 Nov 2011

DIY Jinny

A first step into the vinyl figure world. My first purchase to date is a DIY Jinny. The DIY Jinny has no colour, it's off white for you to paint your own design. The Jinny is made and distributed by Bitbots a UK producer.

Here is my Jinny all painted up.

I call it Pork Snack Jinny. The idea is that it's a miniature, genetically engineered pig with the characteristic of having a peel off scalp.

Peel off the top of the head to find yummy pork spread inside. Spread it on your toast, mmm, lovely.

Bitbots delivered my Jinny quickly and with some surprise extra goodies inside. There were stickers and badges, yey, thanks bitbots. Reasonably priced and excellently packaged, with free post overseas.

Buy from these guys!

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